Project Wildsong

I always strive to have a story within each photo session. Usually the story for me is very personal and I tend to shoot with the emotion I'm feeling at that time. Photography is my story through images but the best part is each person takes away something different. As I always say, "We are all in the business of getting through life together." Here in this shoot those thoughts extend to even the wild all around us. Is it because animals cannot speak our language that we deem them ignorant? If that is the case then think about the human living out the last of their days in a home and has lost the ability to speak. Is that human stupid? I think not. I think their voice speaks through their eyes and their touch very much the way animals communicate with us if we just listen. 

I've had visions of photo sessions with unique animals for almost a year. I decided that 2015 was going to be the year I stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, what will provide, what will make sense and just do it already. So prepare yourself for a wild ride through my mind this year. This is just the beginning.

I'm so grateful to so many people who brought the best energy to this shoot. 

Project Wildsong: wolves, message and endless knowledge; Capstone Couture: who provided the runway gowns; Sandra Nicole Designs: headpiece design and earthy jewelry; Bella Faces Design Studio: for the exceptional hair and makeup; Models turn friends: Bianca, Halle, Erin; Support/lighting: Diane and Marie