What to wear?

Here are some tips to spruce up your wardrobe to get the most out of your photo session this year.


1) First, think about what you plan to do with your photos. Will you use this as the perfect opportunity to finally get around to hanging up some fresh photos around the house OR are you hoping to send out some cards to family and move on… or maybe, just maybe you will do both? If you are wanting to use the photos to decorate then think about what colors and styles are in the rooms you are going to be hanging them in. This is another great idea to see what colors you love. My 5 year old always asks me what my favorite color is. I blink at him running so many through my mind but really I surround myself in them each day in how I decorate my house.

2) DO NOT BE AFRAID OF COLOR. It’s all too easy to run to the local department store and grab 5 plain white tees in assorted sizes, slap on some jeans and call it a day. Let’s face it we are all busy and who knows where to start. Better play is safe, right? WRONG. It’s too easy to coordinate and stuff you already have. So save yourself the trip. Find a pattern you love with 3 colors in it and pull colors from there. Don’t get too carried away though or you will look like the summer picnic table cloth collection. It’s best to limit two patterns per family. If you are still unsure of color them have the kids go bold and you pull in a bit through a simple scarf, etc.

3) ACCESSORIZE. Like I hinted above, here is the time to add pops of color “safely”. Headbands, scarves, boot socks, hats, vests, bracelets and the beat goes on. These are all great ways to incorporate color on a smaller scale. It also adds more interest and texture to your overall look.

4) Don’t be afraid to be BOLD. If you have an idea, a pet, an old random piece of furniture that you love, bring it! Are you all sports fans? Why not come dressed in your favorite team’s jerseys for a shot? It’s always best to add some meaning.

5) Feet! Often we get so hung up on outfits that we forget to think about shoes. Cute boots really add to a photo and are great for outdoorsy shoots on location. So ditch the high heals and come in comfort and style.

6) Bring your sense of humor… pleaseSometimes things are out of your control and ideal “perfection” can get the best of us. Make sure you come relaxed and ready for a light-hearted session. No yelling that Bobby forgot his shoes or Susie rubbed blue toothpaste all over her shirt. There is a pose and a place for everyone to “hide” what isn’t so perfect. Chances are if you arrive relaxed your kids will open up, be themselves and you will get the best pictures.

7) Be IN the photo. Well now that sounds silly doesn’t it?? But so many times families leave out the parents and just focus on the kids. Sure it may be easier, two less to coordinate and who really wants to see them anyway? Well the answer is your kids! Tomorrow is promised to no one and make sure you pop in for a picture or two. Kids don’t care about a few holiday pounds you want to lose, or if your hair won’t style just right… They just want to remember YOU as you are because to them you are perfect… (most of the time;)

8) Be the best YOU. Interact naturally like you normally do. Make it fun! Tell your kids they are going on an adventure to find some hidden candy canes in a magical forest. Let them know I’m just taking their picture in case they are the ones who discover the buried treasure. Bring tiny things that keep kids happy and well… i’m a huge fan of bribery for all the right reasons. Just make sure it easily dissolves and leaves no evidence. Blue teeth and chocolate drips are not all that great.

Here are some images to help you get inspired and find the perfect color combos that fits your family’s style:http://www.pinterest.com/rootstowillows/what-to-wear/