What is family?


When I tell you there is something special about this family, I mean it truly. Nina met Doc after being blown up in Iraq with my husband. She was hobbling by on crutches from a freak (meaning lame;) accident when he called out to her to tell her she was using her crutches wrong. Doc was in a state of rehab for his many injuries and the two bonded over real, but messy life. She joked that now he had to take her to a baseball game for picking on her and the rest is history. This family, is a part of my family you see. There's a bond that the military creates in people. The type of family you never want to be a part of but are so grateful to be on life's journey with. We've been to one too many funerals to be this young. Too many flags folded and too many long sleepless nights. This bond, as painful as it is, also pushes us to see the beauty in the tiny moments we get to hold onto. Nina and Doc have suffered grave losses but laughter is the first thing that rings through my brain when thinking of them. From losing body parts to angel babies, we see what truly matters and treasure moments like tiny gifts, second chances. Aubrielle, my God-daughter, was due on the same date as Nina's angel baby. The moment she was born I was sitting in the sand taking a photo of the sun setting over the water but the moon was in full view as it passed and sunk into the deep waters. The sky, the water, the moon and the sun all present in the exact moment she was being born. Why do I tell you this? Because life shows us great and painful challenges but without them we forget to focus on the things that truly matter. 



So naturally when Nina asked me to take Adam Timothy's (Adam after Adam Zanutto and Adam VanAlstyne RIP, and Timothy after Timothy Melia RIP, all brave men who gave everything for our country) newborn photos I wanted them to be amazing. I wanted to do something unlike any other. But then I was humbled again remembering what really mattered to them most, snuggles and lazy Sundays... their puppy Juliet... simply being together. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes "The little things, the little moments, they aren't little."