Discarded A Journal For the Creative Soul

...but isn’t that what art is all about? We are little messengers in a world that moves too fast and filled with pain sent to show people how to see a beautiful world that still exists.
— Sue Sonnenberg

Ever since I was little I lived mostly in my head, as many creatives tend to do. I had a shoebox I kept under my bed that held things I collected as a free spirit walking the suburbs of NY. Sometimes it held baby birds I snuck home to bottle feed and other times it was scraps I found and planned to create with. I always had a love for discarded things and breathing new life into them by creating art pieces. As I grew older my ideas multiplied as I had less time to feed and nurture my creativity. I felt off balance and even a tad crazy. After discovering my camera and instant love for photography I felt a path clearing before me. My art turned into a business and in the lulls of a slow season I began to create for myself. The stories I created grew more complex and deep and I feared sharing these images with others--I worried what they would think.

Then just last year something switched in me. I decided not to care what others think. You can't please everyone but you can try at least to make yourself happy along life's journey. 2017 was the year of being "Unapologetically ME" and it was so freeing. Learning to let go of the strings of judgement made me my own puppet master. I created over a thousand personal art pieces for myself and for the good of the community that surrounds me. 

If I look to the world hoping she will show me kindness, I am most always disappointed.
If I look to myself to bring about acts of kindness than kindness follows me everywhere I go.
— unknown

Once I set myself free and started creating for myself amazing things happened for me. I touched so many lives through using my art as the gift it was. I achieved many personal goals that I set out to do..and quite simply, I was happy. Every year at this time I would create dream or vision boards to visually goal set for the upcoming year. This past year I tried something knew, "Out of the Box" as I call it. For some reason this tangible method really lit a fire within me and before I knew it I was completing things I never thought my creative brain could sit still long enough to do. Before long I created a book, a guided-journal. It was my own inner voice telling me and pushing me along the way that I share now here in the pages of this book. Self doubt, timing, irrational fears, goal setting, feeling overlooked and disconnected.. they were all part of my story but a new chapter has begun. 2018 will be forcing myself to open up more about myself. I have the hardest time putting myself out there and being in front of the camera. How can I tell others to EXIST and BE in the frame and better yet, LOVE who they see if I cannot do that myself? So cheers to a new year and a box full of new goals. What do you hope the new year brings out in you?

-Untethered Soul

-Untethered Soul


If you are curious for more of what's inside you can find this guided journal here:

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