Dream catcher

Bohemian inspired friendship photo shoot — Roots to Willows

When Halie's mom mentioned a Bohemian themed photo session I was so excited (they are my favorite). Right away I knew we had to use dreamcatchers. My kids and I had attempted to make our own the day before. I was pretty impressed at how they turned out (that is until I saw Kim's that she made for Halie and her friends). Since they were moving out of state before starting high school in Texas I thought it may be fun to add some childhood memories to the strands. 

The Dream Catcher's themselves were simple to make and each unique to itself.

What we used to make them:

*Crochet hoop (or if you are feeling fancy willow branches)

*doily (optional)

*Suede Lacing 

*yarn/string/lace/trimming/wire (should be 10x's the length of the hoop)

*Feathers/beads/buttons/gemstones/leaves (anything that is meaningful to you)

*Tabs to write on or wide lace to write on with sharpie for personalization

The more meaningful the better

Feathers: A hanging feather is a symbol of air and is said that the stirring of a dream catcher's feather means that a dream has passed through the circle. Owl feather: symbolizes wisdom. Eagle feather: courage. But really what you will most likely use will be faux feathers (since endangered bird feather use is illegal) or some that you find in the wild.

Gemstones: are used to represent the four directions: north, south, east, west. 

Dreamcatchers originated with the Ojibwe people, who wove these webs from willow hoops and sinew. The hoop represents the travel of the giizis, the sun, through the sky. At night, the hole in the center only lets bawedjige, good dreams, pass. Bawedjigewin, bad dreams, are trapped in the web, and dispelled at the first light of morning.

(Thank you Wikepedia;) 

Assembly: I simply wrapped yarn around the circular base then crossed over the circle and wrapped around twice and bounced around the frame until I created a pattern. Wrapping twice is important or it will sag and slide (and your kids will get frustrated and want to give up;) Here you can add gemstones/beads or loop a doily into the center. The options are endless! Once your pattern is complete tie a knot, trim the excess, and tie your lace, string, etc to the bottom of the hoop. We then slipped on the tags with hand-written notes onto the suede lacing. Write memories, favorite quotes, wishes, song lyrics, etc. We added a celebratory photo session complete with tossing them in the air as a symbol of carrying on to new places, and new memories only for them to land as a reminder we are always grounded to our roots and fond memories. 

"For long you live and high you fly.
And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry.
And all you touch and all you see.
Is all your life will ever be"

-Pink Floyd-Dark side of the moon

Some other favorites from this Bohemian styled shoot. 

Jewelry handmade by Diana of Capstone Couture. Diana creates jewelry, soaps, candles, handmade clothing, you name it all with the "of the earth" Bohemian spirit in mind and crafted with care. She creates with items found free in nature, or growing in her own garden here in southern, CA. All her scents are natural. Each item is made with care and intent on its purpose. She uses gemstones, oils, and items of healing nature in everything she creates. We were so excited to use her jewelry that fit so perfectly with this shoot!

www.capstonecouture.com     @capstonecouture