fine art

{ Megan }

Keep the ones that heard you when you never said a word
— ~unknown

There was just something about Megan that I knew from the moment I met her. She felt like an old soul coming here to teach the world something special. These images all show the depth I so-loved about her coupled with her natural beauty and wise beyond her years sense of self. The last image shows just how goofy she can be as well as she excitedly climbed into the weeds and we laughed that she had the most perfect Mona Lisa smile. To say creating with Megan was a joy would be an understatement. Oh yeah.. and she’s 13! Crazy right?


I’ve had this concept about “perfection” for so long. The idea is that perfect simply does not exist and we are surrounded each day by people who long to analyze and understand us. This image was fun to create. Megan’s tia and mom where amazing crawling on the rocky ground to have their hands grabbing at her ankles to symbolize the world trying to pull you down. We laughed as cars honked at us and I had to communicate through a unicorn nostril to direct Megan. I will remember this moment for ever.

Those that strive to be perfect will never have perfect happiness.
— Sue Sonnenberg
Meg_Unicorn_-4 web.jpg