Bustamante Family

Life is full of high and low tides. Sometimes we need to take a step back and see the journey we've made and see how beautiful our love truly is. I love sessions like this where you can just let free, run through the water, press sandy feet into the ground only to be run over again by seagulls and waves. Like moments, fleeting and drifting away to be washed clean again, to start over fresh and all that is left is the ringing of laughter and salty tangles caught in our hair. Memories. One day we will look back at these images and be brought back to what it felt like that day when the rush of minutes on the clock stopped for a second and we paused to remember to soak it all in, the magic of chaos and family and really living in the tiny moments that made up the last 10 years of your story.

10 years looks so good on you Katie and Chris. Cheers to many many more memories. Happy Anniversary. xo Sue